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Delivering the Highest Level of Educational, Professional Expertise to help our Clients Meet and Exceed their Technical Project needs.
We Specialize in Technical and Professional Human Factor. Engineering and Design Services
Experience with Multiple Fortune 500 Companies.

Quick List of Engineering Services


Bring your ideas to reality with our top professional experienced engineers and technical desginers

Design and Modeling

Top national talent to develope and create your virtual design before any costly tooling is involved

Styling and Concepts

Stay ahead of the curve with intelligent styling and ideas to lead the way for tomorrows products

CAD/CAE Technology

Developing tomorrow's creations on high end 3D modeling CAD systems is the only way to develop your new product

Engineering and Design


Our team works closely with vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers to develope your product right the first time

Design and Modeling

Our forward thinking and engineering knowledge brings out the best in cutting edge designs for our customers

Styling and Concepts

Stay ahead of the curve with intelligent styling and ideas to lead the way

CAD Technology

Masters on cad applications gives us the competitive advantage in creating accurate and efficient designs


Our engineering team works closely with vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers in order to gain valuable knowledge of the best processes and techniques.


Before we start an engineering project, we always take a look at the feasibility of a product to insure that there's a benefit to our customer.


We take the time to review all of the processes in our development of a product to insure all of the right steps have been taking


If there's a requirement to review a structural component or assemble, we conduct a finite element analysis to determine if the design meets the parts requirements.


Keeping a close watch when developing a new product to insure it's designed simple with less components to insure the product is economical to manufacture whenever possible.

Design and Modeling

Our knowledge and forward thinking enhances the design process and increases the quality of our customer's end product beyond what they expected.


Innovating in producing the very best designs in today's competitive world gives our clients the edge.


Our designers take their 3D modeling of the components seriously with no cut corners. Modeled to manufacture.


Drawings of components follow manufacturing drafting practices to insure the proper engineering specification is being applied to your product.


One of the most important aspects of engineering is to have clear and concise communications with your clients project.

Styling and Concepts

Be on the cutting edge of whats hot and appealing from an artistic view of the future of new products.


Stylist's aspiration render their creative imagination and the vision of what's yet to come into our lives.


Bring forth your approach to improve your current product and concept of your ideas to their maxium.

Clay Modeling

There's nothing like bringing forth your ideas to a full scale model resembling what the stylist vision is.


Human ergonomic interface studies bring out the most important factors of any products function and features.

CAD/CAE Technology

Utilizing robust 3D CAD/CAE software applications, has given us the advantage in creating accurate and efficient designs.


We only use the latest CAD/CAE application that is specific for the customer's requirements and task.


We follow strict GD&T Standards to meet customer's specific standards for production release.


If there's a need to convert math data, we have the tools and software to make the process simple and quick.


Our systems are the very latest technologies in processors powering our CAD software through Microsoft most stable operating platform..

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Small or large projects or needing contingent workforce

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