National Talent Solutions Provider & Engineering Design Services

Delivering the Highest Level of Educational, Professional Expertise to help our Clients Meet and Exceed their Technical Project needs.
We Specialize in Technical and Professional Human Factor. Engineering and Design Services
Experience with Multiple Fortune 500 Companies.

Quick List of Our Professional Services

Staffing and Recruitment

Contract Staffing, Temporary to Direct Placement to Direct Hire is a valuable strategy for companies

Jobs with Fortune 500

We have job openings with multiple fortune 500 companies nationally to start your new career

Engineering Design

Bring your ideas to reality with our professional engineers and technical desginers

CAD/CAE Technology

Top national talent to develope and create your virtual design before any costly tooling is involved

Managed Services

OLSA Resources provides management solutions that address all aspects of contingent labor workforce

Workforce Automation

Web based streamlined solution with complete start to finish assignment capabilities and more

Software Development

Developing tomorrows applications today with the lastest database driven web base technologies

Website Design

Build your next responsive website that works across many different platforms, phones, tablets, desktops

Professional Services We Provide

If your Organization is seeking to hire talented workforce , we're here to help provide excellent service.
Are you needing to complete hot projects and don't have the manpower to reach your goals, we have the facilities and people to complete your workload.
Looking for managed or profeesional servcies? Our team has decades of experince working with small to large fortune 500 companies.

Staffing and Recruiting

Contract Staffing

A valuable strategy for companies that are experiencing increased workflow for their projects

Temporary to Direct Hire

This gives your company the time to evaluate their experience and skills on a temporary bases prior to hiring them direct

Direct Hire Placement

Expand your core workforce with the right qualified employees from our Direct Hire solution.

Customer Satisfaction

Every service we provide is carefully examined to ensure that all necessary steps have been taken to satisfy our customers

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing is a valuable strategy for companies that are experiencing increased workflow and are in need of immediate qualified work force for their projects.

Immediate Needs

Quick response to immediate needs, with experienced and skilled workforce that will eliminate down time and uninterrupted productivity

Qualified Candidates

Professional consultants who have the experience and qualifications to complete your project in a timely manner and within your budget.

Time and Cost Savings

Let our experienced staff handle the requirements in filling your important position for your organization, quickly and seamlessly.

Verified Consultants

One-on-one interviews, qualifications and skills screening, employment verification, skill testing, background and reference checks.

Temporary To Direct Hire

Temp to Direct gives your company the time to evaluate their experience, knowledge and skills on a temporary bases prior to hiring them into your key positions.

Excellent Resource

Our professional temp to direct hire recruiters are trained and experienced in assisting you with the increasing need of this service.

Evaluate Candidates

This gives your company the time to evaluate their experience, knowledge and skills on a temporary bases prior to hiring them into your key positions.

Company Roles

We have assisted and helped many companies find qualified experienced candidates, ranging from entry-level to executive positions.

Accurately Match

We pay close attention to your needs and requirements to accurately match the right candidate for your temp to direct openings.

Direct Hire Placement

When you're looking to expand your core workforce with the right qualified employees, OLSA Resources Direct Hire is the solution to your expansion needs.

Experienced Staff

Our professional direct hire consultants are trained in assisting you with the increasing need for your core direct placements.

Qualified Candidates

Access to a wide variety of experienced professional. Time savings, allowing clients to better utilize their valuable resources.

Cost Effectiveness

Take out the burden and let us handle the advertising and the front end administrative processes and efforts.

Exceptional Prescreening

Quality candidates prior to your involvement making the process seamlessly with your team.

Valued Partner

Every service we provide is carefully examined to ensure that all necessary steps have been taken to satisfy our customers.


You will appreciate our involvement and the hands-on management at all levels that our employees carry out to complete your desired assignment.

Team Player

We work closely with our clients to better understand what is needed to accomplish the task right from the start. Becoming a valued partner.

Our Process

Every service we provide is carefully examined to ensure that all necessary steps have been taken to satisfy our customers.

No Surprises

Providing all possible options up-front to our clients, so that the only surprises they receive at the end of a project are pleasant ones.

Engineering and Design


Our team works closely with vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers to develope your product right the first time

Design and Modeling

Our forward thinking and engineering knowledge brings out the best in cutting edge designs for our customers

Styling and Concepts

Stay ahead of the curve with intelligent styling and ideas to lead the way

CAD/CAE Technology

Masters on cad applications gives us the competitive advantage in creating accurate and efficient designs


Our engineering team works closely with vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers in order to gain valuable knowledge of the best processes and techniques.


Before we start an engineering project, we always take a look at the feasibility of a product to insure that there's a benefit to our customer.


We take the time to review all of the processes in our development of a product to insure all of the right steps have been taking


If there's a requirement to review a structural component or assemble, we conduct a finite element analysis to determine if the design meets the parts requirements.


Keeping a close watch when developing a new product to insure it's designed simple with less components to insure the product is economical to manufacture whenever possible.

Design and Modeling

Our knowledge and forward thinking enhances the design process and increases the quality of our customer's end product beyond what they expected.


Innovating in producing the very best designs in today's competitive world gives our clients the edge.


Our designers take their 3D modeling of the components seriously with no cut corners. Modeled to manufacture.


Drawings of components follow manufacturing drafting practices to insure the proper engineering specification is being applied to your product.


One of the most important aspects of engineering is to have clear and concise communications with your clients project.

Styling and Concepts

Be on the cutting edge of whats hot and appealing from an artistic view of the future of new products.


Stylist's aspiration render their creative imagination and the vision of what's yet to come into our lives.


Bring forth your approach to improve your current product and concept of your ideas to their maxium.

Clay Modeling

There's nothing like bringing forth your ideas to a full scale model resembling what the stylist vision is.


Human ergonomic interface studies bring out the most important factors of any products function and features.

CAD/CAE Technology

Utilizing robust 3D CAD/CAE software applications, has given us the advantage in creating accurate and efficient designs..


We only use the latest CAD/CAE application that is specific for the customer's requirements and task.


We follow strict GD&T Standards to meet customer's specific standards for production release.


If there's a need to convert math data, we have the tools and software to make the process simple and quick.


Our systems are the very latest technologies in processors powering our CAD software through Microsoft most stable operating platform..

Managed Vendor Services

Managed Vendor Service

Management solutions applications that address all aspects of contingent labor specific to your business

Workforce Automation

Our technology application automates the management of your contingent workforce full cycle process

Service Procurement

MSP Solution provides a centralized program to manage deliverable Services Procurement processe

Global Services

Global Alliances gives your company enterprise visibility and control of your entire worldwide contingent workforce

Managed Vendor Services

Managing contract and temporary labor is complex, costly and can distract your organization from its core business. We have proven automation and solutions.

Managed Services

Management solutions that address all aspects of contingent labor. Our vendor-services allow you to reduce the true drivers of your costs.

Servicing Sectors

From temporary labor to professional contractors, from consultants to project-based programs. Your bases are covered.


Administrative processes, legal risk and supplier optimization. Every business is unique and you require more than general services.

Customized Solutions

Customization gives you complete control while tackling every phase of the labor cycle that's applicable to your business.

Workforce Automation

Web enabled streamlined solution with complete start to finish assignment capabilities meeting the dynamic challenges of managing contingent labor.

Technology Driven

State-of-the-art architecture developed and driven by the latest technology that is optimized to perform impeccably at all times.

Multiple Platforms

Develop for future digital devices. Works across multiple devices and platforms. Desktop like application and function throughout.

Automated Processes

Automation approvals, notifications, triggers and alerts reaching out to your desired levels of management and team members.


Customized by division, department and work group. Requisition release, hiring, onboarding and off boarding process and approvals.

Service Procurement

Centralized procurement processes to manage deliverable services offering the advantage of a complete service visible top down.


Web-based technology integrated into client systems that allows project managers to focus on their core responsibilities and tasks.


Automated work order processes, approvals, purchase orders and distribution to ensure all correct procurement steps are taking.


Consolidated and time automated electronic invoicing and billing on set scheduled cycles and procedures for all procurement activities.


Activities and notifications alerting of budgets and other important responsibilities to ensure processes are handled in a timely manner.

Global Services

Providing global contingent labor management solutions with enterprise visibility and control of your entire worldwide contingent workforce activity and spend.


Visible global labor controls from a one source solutions. Centralized manage and plan for your international workforce needs.


Tracking and financials of multi-currency with real-time currency conversions for aggregate, enterprise-wide reporting.

Supply Management

Sourcing and supply chain management with milestone and deliverable management and evaluation of workforce suppliers.

Global Automation

Automation of global labor procurement cycle from requisition to settlement with robust financial, performance, management reports.

Software Development

Web Based Applications

Only the finest and experienced full stack developers work on our your valued projects

Database Administration

Database driven applications are today's most valuable systems to keep your business on top

Graphics Design

Leading to improved company image and branding to create a professional online presents

Internet Marketing

Target your audience based with our media specialists and creative strategists

Web Base Applications

Business applications are increasingly moving from the desktop to the web. Stay current and access your information anywhere from any device.

Agile Development

Fast turnaround while providing quality software. Ability to build rapid prototypes and adapt quickly to change.

Efficient Code

Clean and concise code, no bandwidth or development time wasted. Framework clear and organized for rapid development.


Make sure your application runs smooth and reliably in any environment.


Optimized for all media devices, mobile, tablets and desktop.

Database Administration

Data is the backbone of every system and it's important that your information is accurate, organized and easily accessible.

Multiple Systems

Able to accommodate a multitude of systems and frameworks of any size from local servers to distributed networks.

Cutting Edge Security

Feel confident that yours and your customers' information is 100% completely secure. We work with the best Pen Testing companies to verify our systems are unbreachable.

24/7 Acess to Support

You can contact us 24/7 for any issues and/or emergencies to insure that your business is up and running when you need it.

Daily Backups

We perform daily backups and keep copies onsite and offsite so you can feel comfortable about never losing any critical data.

Graphic Design

Improve your company's image and digital branding to create a professional online presence where it matters most.

Branding Design

Having a memorable logo is crucial, it is often the first interaction your customer will have with your company.

Themes and Templates

Whether you are launching a brand new site or giving an old site a makeover we can help you manage your themes, layouts and UX Design.

Fast Results

Our top notch artists and designers allow us to provide extremely quick turnaround from initial conception to your first sample.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% money back guarantee, perfection or your money back. You will also own any delivered media in perpetuity and it's yours to use forever!

Internet Marketing

Target your audience base with our social media specialists and creative marketing strategists. Be on top of your game.


Optimize On-Page and Off-Page SEO tactics to build a loyal customer base and increase online presence.

Social Media

Today it is vital to take advantage of Social Media Marketing with the ability to target specific demographic and geographic audiences.

Targeted Audience

We help you perform the necessary research to determine you're most profitable and valuable customer base.

Quality Organic Traffice

When customers are looking for your product its important they are able to find it. We can increase your rank in organic search results, helping connect you to more customers.

Our Satisfied Clients

Small or large projects or needing contingent workforce

We're always working to do our very best each and every time!